DBS Checks for Schools and Teachers

How to Get DBS Checks for Schools and Teachers

A DBS check is a crucial aspect of safeguarding children in schools. Regardless of the specific position in the school, a clean DBS is a necessary requirement. In the past, all teaching and non-teaching staff were required to have a CRB check before they could begin working at a school, but this was replaced by the Disclosure and Barring Service in 2012.   

This hasn’t changed the fact that it’s still vital for anyone considering hiring a new employee to make sure that they are safe to be around children, as well as to check that the staff currently working in an educational establishment is up to date with their DBS disclosures. One of the best ways to keep track of security status is to apply for a quick check on the individual(s) in question.

Who Needs a DBS Check in Schools?

Anyone that is working in a school will need a DBS check. The job role itself is not relevant since they will be in the vicinity of children. Most importantly, teachers will need an enhanced DBS check since they will be closely working with children. The same rules apply for permanent staff and for supply teachers. Teaching assistants also require a DBS check, even though they may have less responsibility. School Governors are also mandated to have an enhanced DBS check done.

Do Volunteers need a DBS check?

Many people have an incorrect assumption that volunteers or short term workers don’t need a check. On the contrary, anyone assisting children whether they have a paid role or not is required to have a check done. They will still need the same enhanced DBS check that is required by teachers and other staff.

What do you need to apply for a check?

An individual looking to apply for a job within a school cannot get an Enhanced DBS Check for themselves – it is generally down to the employer to apply for one of these instead. The good news is that it can often be easy to apply online, and with quick results. An applicant needs to provide several documents to prove their identity.

Want a DBS check that is suitable for educational roles? We are here to help

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