DBS/CRB Check for Doctors – What it Means for You

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DBS/CRB Check for Doctors – What it Means for You

Doctors have access to the most confidential information about our lives, and through their position of trust are often in situations where they are alone with, or have power or authority over patients, including children and other vulnerable groups. As a result, it is crucial that doctors have impeccable history, and that employers and patients know that they can be trusted in every situation.

It makes sense then that people in such positions must pass background checks as a condition of employment, and indeed that is the case. Doctors must, by law, have a relevant DBS check when they begin employment, and it must be updated and renewed for every new employer. But what are the checks they must pass and what do they entail?

DBS check

The check that any doctor must undergo is the DBS check. DBS stands for the Disclosure and Barring Service, the organization that maintains records of criminal activity and so on that is used in the checks. There are several types of DBS checks, with most jobs that require them needing only the basic version.

However, because doctors are in such positions of trust, they need impeccable references, and as such are required to have an enhanced BBS check with barred list. It notes any spent or unspent criminal convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings, as well as checks to ensure the individual is not on any barred lists for being around children and other vulnerable groups. Finally, an enhanced check also allows the police to submit additional information should they feel it necessary regarding a specific individual.

This level of check can only be requested by an employer with consent from the individual, and it is important to remember that every doctor has a legal duty to declare any convictions during the application process, and because the DBS check is mandatory, any omissions will be quickly uncovered.

How it works

One initiated by an employer a DBS check normally takes around two weeks, although with the enhanced check required for doctors, this can be a little longer as it involves a deeper examination of the background information and possible input from police authorities.

By using the HR Check portal, not only are enhanced DBS checks delivers as quickly as possible, but the entire process is streamlined. The HR Checks system first walks you through the application process to ensure all data is entered correctly, and then delivers the results direct to your portal once available. Easy to use, confidential and secure, the system delivers Doctor’s DBS check results quickly and easily.

With the ability to carry out multiple checks with ease, for anyone who needs frequent DBS checks for doctors and other health professionals, or any other industry, HR checks offers the most intuitive, effective approach available today.