Dealing with the Standard DBS Check

standard dbs check

While a basic DBS check is designed to show current convictions and cautions, giving a snapshot of an individuals current criminal standing, in some cases employers need a more comprehensive view of a current or potential employees background. There are two options here, the enhanced DBS check and the standard DBS check. The most common of these is the standard DBS check we will be looking at here.

What does the Standard DBS Check cover?

In addition to showing any unspent convictions or cautions as the basic check reveals, the standard check also includes any spent convictions, cautions reprimands and warnings on record for each individual. This gives a broader, more detailed insight into the individual than a basic DBS check can offer.

As a result, this more detailed check is only accessible by employers, to ensure that potential hires are suitable for their specific role.

Who needs a standard DBS check?

For those working in the legal and financial industries, such as solicitors and accountants as well as bank staff and more, the standard DBS check is required by law. It is easy to see why, the comprehensive check reveals any prior convictions for financial crimes alongside all other previous criminal issues which could make someone unsuitable for such a trusted position.

Additionally, there are a number of other industries where a standard DBS check is a legal requirement, including those working with children or vulnerable adults, some areas of animal work and more. A current list of all positions that are legally required to obtain a standard DBS check can be found on the government website. This does change occasionally so always consult the latest information.

Applying for a Standard DBS Check

Only employers can apply for a standard DBS check, and it must be in relation to a position that is noted by government as legally requiring such a DBS check. The HR Check portal offers the simplest, fastest way of obtaining the standard DBS checks you need as an employer to comply with current laws.

Register on the site and you can begin submitting standard DBS checks immediately, either as individual checks or in bulk if needed. Additionally, the portal covers every aspect of the process, guiding you through the application itself, allowing you to monitor progress sand finally view results. The system is highly secure and confidential, with a clear, easy to navigate design that makes the process fast and easy.

Employer’s standard DBS checks the easy way

As one more thing to do during the recruitment process, standard DBS checks can seem like another hassle that takes your time away from running your business, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Our detailed, reliable service is designed for employers like you, making application fast, and taking care of the rest for you, with clear results when you need them.

Don’t struggle with your standard DBS checks, just sign up to HRcheck today and see just how simple it can really be.