Everything you need to know about the basic DBS Check

Everything you need to know about the basic DBS Check

Today, as we take security and welfare more seriously than ever before, more and more employment positions, including voluntary work and anyone in contact with children, such as foster parents, are required to undertake a DBS check to make sure they are suitable for a given situation. However, for many employers and individuals, there remains uncertainty about DBS checks and what they actually mean.

What is a DBS Check?

The DBS check itself is a check of the record of any individuals’ criminal convictions and cautions. These records are held by the Disclosure and Barring Service, which is where the DBS name comes from. There are several types of DBS check, but for most people, the basic one is all that is required.

A basic DBS check shows any unspent convictions on an individual’s record, and can be carried out by anyone, whether for employment or any other reason. Other types of check, such as an enhanced DBS check, are restricted to employers only, however here we are looking at the basic version.

For employers, knowing if a potential or current employee has current convictions or cautions, which provides added information about the individual, and can be a great help in reducing the risk of internal fraud or theft, enhances the recruitment process and reduces employee turnover.

Who needs a DBS Check?

The range of people requiring a DBS check are quite broad today, however with the Basic check simply looking at any unspent convictions and accessible by anyone, it is a great option for any situation where an individual is put in a position of trust and confidence. With the basic check there are no restrictions, so any person could be subject to a DBS check if an employer or organization believes it to be of benefit.

For instance, a new treasurer for a hobby club or organization, having a DBS check can be useful in giving members confidence in a new appointee, while for employers in all industries, having a background check of this kind can provide peace of mind, and an additional tool for the recruitment process.


How do you apply for a DBS check?

A basic DBS check is a very simple process, and in most cases can be completed in just a few days, with the longest expected being around two weeks. The good news is that getting this done need not be complex or time consuming, with HR Check you can get everything done quickly and easily. Our comprehensive DBS check portal covers all variants of the check, with the Basic check very straightforward.

Simply register with us as an individual or business, and then simply submit the details of those you wish to carry the check out on within the portal. It really is that easy, you can submit one or multiple applications to suit your needs, tracking progress and obtaining results all from the one clear, easy to use secure web interface.

DBS Checks for all

The HRCheck we service offers basic DBS checks for both individuals and organizations, so whether you are employer or group looking to check on new hires, or an individual who wishes to have your own check ready for future employment needs, we can help. Just register today and you can submit your basic DBS check application immediately.