Route 2 ID Verification | Route 2 ID Checking for a DBS

Route 2 ID verification available for £12 inc Vat per check.
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Route 2 ID Verification

Route 2 ID checking for a DBS

Having identification documents checked is a simple part of the DBS process. More often than not, the process is quick and easy. However, there are occasions where the applicant will need to use another route – known as Route 2 – if they don’t have the documents they need to verify their identity.

The information below will answer any questions you have about Route 2 ID checking for a DBS, including the documents you need to complete your DBS application.

The first thing to know is that Route 2 is only open to people who don’t have the necessary documents to complete Route 1. Route 2 is unavailable for applicants from outside of the EEA looking to do voluntary work.

How Does Route 2 ID Checking Work?

Applicants should proceed down Route 2 if they are unable to go down Route 1. Applicants will need the following documents to complete a DBS Check through Route 2;

  1. 1 Document from the Group 2a PLUS
  2. 2 Documents from the Group 2a or 2b

While you can choose any documents you want from these groups, at least one should have your current address on it as proof of address.

We will need to perform an external ID verification for applicants. The information must be verified externally to prove that the applicant is who they say they are and that their documentation is legitimate.

We process the external check at an extra cost of £12 per check. The check is run through a UK credit referencing agency. A Route 2 DBS check is very similar to a standard credit reference check.

This validation process confirms the name and address connected to the applicant, as well as other information such as utilities, loan amounts, and electoral roll.

Can an External Verification Fail?

It is possible that the verification may fail. There are several reasons for this, but because the government lays out the criteria for external ID verification. This means that we don’t have access to the specific reason that your application failed. From our experience, however, we find that the most common reasons external ID checks fail are;

  1. Applicants not living at their current address for long enough
  2. Applicants not being on the electoral roll
  3. Applicants not paying for any utilities – making it impossible to verify their ID with utility companies

What Documents Are Needed for Route 2?

As mentioned before, documents for Route 2 are split into two groups; Group 2A and Group 2B. Here are the documents for each group;

Group 2A

  • Photo-card driving license
  • Paper driving license
  • Certificate of marriage or civil partnership
  • Birth certificate
  • Military ID card
  • Firearms license

Group 2B

  • Bank statements
  • Mortgage statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Confirmation letter for opening a bank account
  • P45/P60 statement
  • Financial statement
  • Work permit
  • Benefit assessment
  • Utility bill
  • EU NI card
  • Documents from local authority/government
  • Letter from current/previous headteacher for 16-19-year-olds

What to do if Applicants Don’t Have the Documents for Route 2?

Applicants without the appropriate documentation for Route 2 will have to go down Route 3 instead.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about Route 2 ID checks or need help arranging one. We are more than happy to help and assist you.

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