Understanding Enhanced DBS checks

Understanding enhanced DBS checks

Like the standard check, an enhanced DBS check is available only to employers, and provides even more depth. The enhanced DBS check is the most comprehensive background check available to employers, and it is a required check for a number of industries and specific job positions.

If you need an enhanced DBS check as an individual your employer must apply for you, and as en employer, any application must for one of the positions mandated by the government as requiring such background checks.

What does an enhanced DBS Check include?

As with the standard check, the enhanced DBS check shows the full details of someone’s criminal record, including both spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings. In addition, this DBS check also searches the DBS Children Barred list and Adult First checks, to ensure that the individual is suitable to work with children or vulnerable adults. Finally, with the enhanced DBS check, local police are able to add any information they believe relevant to the position the individual is seeking to hold.

This is by far the most comprehensive background check of the three DBS check options, and it provides a very comprehensive view of someone’s suitability for a given role.

Who needs an enhanced DBS check?

Only employers can apply for an enhanced DBS check, they must seek consent from the individual involved beforehand, and it can only for specific jobs that are legally required to have the check completed or for anyone who regularly comes into contact with children or vulnerable adults. The government terms such positions as regulated activity, and while the education, health and social care industries are the most obvious affected, it can apply to other areas too if an individual or group are regularly charged with overseeing children or vulnerable adults.

The full list of careers and specific positions that are required by law to have an enhanced DBS check can always be found on the government site. However, the enhanced DBS check is specifically targeted at those working with children and vulnerable adults, so includes Teachers, Social Workers, NHS Employees and more.

Applying for the enhanced DBS check

AN enhanced DBS check is more detailed than either other type of background check, and it has tighter legal regulation overseeing its application. Only employers can make an application, and they must have consent of the subject of the DBS check too. However, by using HR check, your enhanced DBS checks need not be any more time consuming or complex than any other form of DBS check.

The HR Check portal allows fast, easy applications for an enhanced DBS check, whether singular or multiple applications at once. The system walks you through everything, always showing what information is required for accurate and effective application.

After that, the same portal provides updates and results, one interface, one system, all the results you need for your enhanced DBS checks, and all other background checks too.

Enhanced DBS Checks the simple way

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